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What we've learned during lockdown . . .

It was a surreal March afternoon when we shut our doors. The days were just starting to get warmer. Spring was in the air and along with it, anticipation for all the slushy wet snow and t-shirt tans that come with skiing in March and well into April. Until that day, COVID 19 was just something we were hearing about on the news. It didn’t affect us here in our little hamlet in the White Mountains. We were safe. Insulated from any threat from the outside world.

But that changed. And we, like everybody else, were forced to shut down for the first time ever. No spring skiing, no spring guests, no one to share the enjoyment of sprouting buds from the puddles of receding snowbanks.

The pandemic hit us and the entire valley, hard. It was difficult to see the streets empty, the lights off in all our restaurants, bars, shops and hotels. We’re used to seeing an active community, filled with people relishing in the beauty of our surroundings and diving into the myriad of recreational activities at our feet. In our own little way, it was like seeing the empty parks in Disney World. It was surreal.

As we get ready to reopen the lodge, this downtime has given us a chance to not only tackle some upgrades, cleanings and general sprucing up, but reflect on what makes this place so special. We are a vibrant community. There was no better evidence of that than when townspeople slowly (and safely) re-emerged from their homes, refusing to let social distancing keep them from enjoying their surroundings; many even supporting local shops and restaurants with curbside purchases and participating in fundraisers for financially strapped employees.

But now, more than ever, we appreciate that this community, strong as it is, is still not the same without our guests: Visitors from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, elsewhere in New Hampshire, Canada and beyond. Our empty lobby, suites, hallways and pools have shown us that we are as much a resort as we are a community. One cannot survive without the other.

As such, know that until we can welcome you back to our little oasis in the mountains, we remain incomplete. You are more than just guests . . . tourists . . . visitors.

You are very important members of our family.

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